The iPhone Price Drop.. Even more Marketable?

I have to say I was stunned when I heard what I believe was the final announcement of the Apple press gathering this morning, and that was the impending iPhone price drop. The 8GB version as many of you know has been dropped from the $599 price point to $399. What do I, a current iPhone owner have to say? Well more then anything a bit of anguish as I would have loved to have seen those price points out of the gate. Apple by dropping the price a few months after launch was saying that they wanted to force out the hard earned money of the Apple faithfuls, and now go for the general populous. It seems like extremely smart business, but then again I am sure I am not the only one who is a little upset about the whole ordeal. Not only that but you have to give those credit who wanted an iPhone but didn't want AT&T, well now the iPod Touch seems like a great solution as well.

You have to hand it to Apple, I am a newly converted Apple lover and I am really finding myself more and more amazed. They sold me on there new iMac's which I really want to look into getting, and there new iPod lineup is impressive. I do think that now they are at the $399 price point, this becomes even more of a solution for a new cell phone. Apple another thumbs up from me, good work.

IPhone Hand

Joel S