Roggin and Simers Squared Goes Off the Radio Airwaves

So 99.9% of you have no idea who I am talking about, and that's Ok. However for anyone who may listen to sports talk radio here in the Los Angeles/Orange County area in the morning then you know the show Roggin and Simers Squared. They have been on KLAC AM 570 a sports radio station for about a year now and it features Fred Roggin a TV Anchor from NBC 4 here in LA. Then there is T.J. Simers a writer at the LA Times, and then his daughter Tracy. The trio has made for some of the most interesting, engaging, and enjoyable radio I have listened to. Being a former talk radio host I have always been drawn to the genre, and from the very beginning have enjoy this show. The trio has discussed in the past only being on the radio for the remainder of the year, however now it seems they are getting replaced early by Dan Patrick the national syndicated show.

Rogin and Simers Squared

Of course business is business, and I understand that from my own first hand experience. However it was a sad first ride into school today to know that my usual morning drive will no longer have my favorite talk show on. Well here is to my iPod jack in my Prius, time to listen to some podcasts!
Joel S