Balancing Time When You Have a Lot Of It

I have to say this past week has taught me something, I am terrible at balancing time when I have a lot of time to work with. This past week I have been out of school, and I have just a multitude of games to review, hardware to review, and TV sites to update, and I have a ton of time to do it. What I find is that with each extra hour I am given I waste 55 minutes of it playing a game I have already reviewed, or just watching TV. Sure I do feel that a break from constant work is good, but I have so much I want to get done before I get back to school next Thursday, but I feel like I want to spend more time sleeping, eating, and playing old games then reviewing my new games, reviewing new hardware, and just getting stuff done. It is that battle that is going on in my head that is just like, one more game, or one more episode of Seinfeld and then I will work. And as you may have noticed my posting habits over the past week have been slacking as well here on the World of Joel! Well hopefully I can get back on top of things before school gets back in session and all heck breaks loose again!
Joel S