49ers Squeeze Out a Win Last Night

It is not very often I can sit down and watch an entire 49er football game. I have been a fan since Steve Young joined the team, and I was probably five years old. Unfortunately with a busy schedule, and having to study on countless Sunday's, watching my 49ers is never an easy task. Plus the networks never seem to pick up there games, and we are stuck watching the terrible Raiders play. However I digress because last night I watched one of the sloppiest football games this first week, at times it was even hard to watch. But when you saw Alex Smith drive the team down the field in a two minute drill and score the game winning touchdown that was shear bliss. I have been a fan of Alex Smith since he came to the team, I saw him live in preseason last year taking on the Chargers and the guy seems to really be comfortable as the leader of the team, and hopefully he can bring us back into the playoffs this year! Now we just need to clean up about every area of the game, work on getting the ball down field, and just stop with the screen passes, thirty in a game (made up the number) is just to many!
Joel S