Going Through Some Changes

Well the past five days have been crazy, it was somewhat unexpected, but I am actually in the process of moving out of my house. My parents and I have decided it best that I leave, mainly due to some disagreements that have been taking place over past weeks. Being 21 it is hard to be forced out, somewhat embarrassing, but at the same time it is probably a good thing. I have been ready to move out, but financially I have never felt secure enough to do so. So right now I moved into Jenn's folks house in a downstairs guest room. Jenn and her mom have set it up beautifully and by this weekend I should have a few pictures of the new house. I am hoping that this change of pace not only helps my relationship with my parents but also gives me some breathing room and some more focus on finishing school. In general that is the reason for the lack of posts, but you can expect to see daily updates again starting today.

In general it feels good to be in a new environment although my ultimate goal is in the long run to get my own place. When that happens, I don't know. In general I have to say the process is tough, moving my stuff out of a house I have been in for 20 years is not an easy thing (not to mention all the junk) but I should finish it up today. This isn't the way I figured I would be moving out but then again sometimes its better to just have something sprung upon you. Hopefully this change will be both positive for me and Jenn and my relationship.

Joel S