A Day at the Bowling Alley

I used to be an avid bowler, you wouldn't know it by my 109, 115, and 77 scores today, but nonetheless bowling is by far one of the most under rated sports out there, it is just a blast. It has been at least a year since I went to the alley, but after a great lunch with Jenn we went with Jake and Amy (my brother and sister) to a local bowling alley where we got an hour of bowling and another free lunch. It was a great time and the best part is my brother Jake and I were playing against each other each time and even with my terrible scores I still held him off, I won't mention the 77 game, where he had to only knock down two pins in the tenth frame and through two gutter balls. I hope to hit the bowling alley a lot more before the summer comes to a conclusion. Below are pictures taken with my iPhone.


Jenn Bowling


Jake Bowling


Amy Bowling

Joel S