Using the Apple iPhone For 2 Weeks

I can't believe I have gone two weeks without letting everyone know that I got an iPhone for my Birthday. Yes that's right I took the plunge and went to the next generation of communication with the iPhone. Ok so maybe its not the next generation but it is actually a pretty cool phone. Like many things there is no denying the "Wow" factor when your walking around town and people see you pushing away on the touch screen or just seeing the Apple Logo as you walk by. Sure you will get a few questions from people but in all it is definitely an eye catching device. In terms of usability as a Cell Phone it is great outside the fact that its AT&T which has to be the worst wireless provider around. I never dropped calls on Verizon but with AT&T the service is rather spotty in my area.

Needless to say I have had a great time using the iPhone, the features are amazing, watching video as you can see below looks amazing, listening to music is great, and using the maps feature on the device is fantastic. I have found movie times, directions to events, and got reservations in ways that I never would have with my other phones. One thing I need to be careful of is keeping it clean, being that it is a touch screen it gets a lot of smudges and finger prints. There are a lot of nice little features like the alarm clock which has some great features, the calculator is solid, and Safari works well. I however don't plan to use the Mail service, its just more inconvenient then anything.

Office on the iPhone

For those on the border on whether they want to get an iPhone, I would say go for it, take the plunge. It is a solid cell phone, and a great iPod. I like having both devices in one and thus far I have really enjoyed the transition to using the iPhone. Now we just need to work on Ringtones and bringing iChat to the iPhone.
Joel S