Sticking With Websites

You know what my biggest problem is when it comes to web development? I get so into my sites for a good month or so, I plan them out, I have gerat ideas, and then for some reason or another I end up slowly losing interest in the sites and move onto a new idea. The only reason I seem to stick with sites is if they begin to perform well, something that many of my TV Sites are. However I have found over the past week that I am battling the temptation of moving myself to other projects especially with all the back work I have put into creating this network of TV sites. The only regret I have about this network is not implementing more into the sites then I have. I think I get to a point of content and then feel like that is good enough and to be honest I realize that in this highly competitive society, being satisfied with mediocrity will never cut it. So if you start making you way around the network of TV Sites you will notice some interesting changes with the inclusion of message boards, polls, wallpapers, and more. I am hoping that Google remains friendly to my sites and come September when these shows begin I will have some serious momentum going through the entire season. I am continually reminding myself that these are good ideas, and now I just have to go do them. Anyways keep an eye out on all the sites as it should be a full network wide update throughout the week.

Joel S