Tiger Woods Wins Again

Starting off this week I couldn't help myself but to talk about the recent win for Tiger Woods. It's not very often that a man can dominate a sport for as long and has classy as how Tiger has. This weekend was no exception, although I missed watching him shoot his 63 on Friday, I did get to see him battle the elements and the competition on Sunday. Coming down the back nine I was nervous for him, but man the guys knows how to deal with pressure. It seemed like immediately after he boggied on 14 he knew he had to step it up a notch and he did right away with a birdie on the 15th. It has been shown that Tiger draws the ratings for the PGA and its because of the excitement he brings to the golf course. The man is cool under pressure and even when most of us would get tight, he pushed through to win his second straight PGA Championship, it was quite the tournament to watch.

Tiger Woods Wins PGA 07

Joel S