Transformers Doesn't Disappoint

As many of you know I have a few new projects going on, which I am still waiting to announce. However one of my older projects, Movie-Stop has taken a temporary or possibly permanent hiatus, still trying to figure it out. However that is besides the point because I had the privledge to see Transformers on the 4th of July. The last time I saw a movie on the 4th of July was Independence Day and let me just say Transformers does not disappoint at all. I will admit I didn't know a lot about Transformers going in, other then being extremely enthused by the trailers. After seeing this two and a half hour blockbuster action flick I can do nothing but praise this movie. It was by far the most enjoyable movie I have seen in theaters this year and will definitely be making it to my buy list when it comes on DVD. If you haven't yet seen Transformers, I would highly recommend it. Disappoint

Two Thumbs Up!

Transformers on July 4

Joel S