The 4th Has Come, And That Means a Day Off

It is not very often that I get a day "off", in fact the only day I really have nothing I "have" to get done is on Sunday and yet I seem to get more work done on Sunday's then any other day, especially in terms of homework and online production. So today, July 4th at 12:01 am I am sitting here free as a bird, a bald eagle if you will (hint the patriotism?). Well I will keep this post nice and short, by just saying that for all the shortcomings that our country has in terms of corruption, and other interesting policies that you may or may not agree with, we sure live in one amazing country and it is always good to sit back and remember that we do live in the land of the free and for that we are very blessed! Have a very blessed, safe, and enjoyable forth of July!

Forth of July Flag with Fireworks

Joel S