I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Sends Mixed Signals

Often times when you read a critics review of a movie they seem ultra-biased or just overly critical, however many of the top critics panned the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Being a fellow critic I usually go into things with as free of a mind as humanly possible, and going into this movie I tried, but in general I was really looking forward to it. From the opening scene this movie threw out mixed signals on gay acceptance and gay stereotypes I have ever seen. The movie starts off with two Latino women fighting over Adam Sandler's character Chuck who near a kiss. From that point on the movie goes on this homosexual roller coaster that not only has very little plot line, it is misguided from start to finish.

Getting my own personal views on Gay Marriage is easy, I didn't support it a few years ago, now I am under the persuasion that if we live in the land of the free we should have the option to marry who we choose but that is something I am still processing and praying on and something that I work through quite a bit. With that being said this movie is not helping anyones case whether heterosexual or homosexual. My biggest problem with this movie was that its initial idea is to support gays on there quest for just simple acceptance, but along with this package comes one of the most stereotypical gay bashing I have ever seen. There is a scene where they are shopping in a grocery store finding all the "gay stuff" they can find. A little over the top don't you think? There are so many "gay slams" throughout the movie that just go so far overboard there is no rescuing this movie.

The movie stars two of the funniest men in comedy, especially Kevin James who was brilliant in Hitch and if you haven't seen it, Sweat the Small Stuff on Comedy Central is one of the best stand up routines of all time. However neither man could pull together this disjointed offensive movie. To top it off you have poster boy Lance Bass from N'Sync make a last minute showing which once again really feels like another gay joke slapped with the rest of the close to two hours of bad comedy. If you can't tell already this movie went in every wrong direction possible and outside of a few mildly entertaining scenes this movie was a complete flop and for me an utter disappointment. When the best part of the movie experience was the previews, something is not right.

Joel S