My Thoughts on the Movie "Sicko"

So Monday evening I went out to go see Michael Moore's latest tirade on screen in his latest documentary "Sicko", and here are some of my reactions to the movie

* First and foremost this is a Michael More film, thus it has a Michael Moore slant to it meaning that the clips throughout the movie are meant to hit your emotions and always go with Moore's objective on the movie.
* The clips about European lifestyle seem true to form, from my experiences in Europe there culture is extremely laid back and it is not about every dollar that you earn, but instead on how you can enjoy life. The fact that they get five weeks vacation sounds pretty good to me.
* I liked how this movie seemed a lot less partisan then previous movies, he showed how both sides of the aisles were affected by medical lobbying, including Mrs. Clinton.
* There is a scene in the movie where they took 9/11 victims to Cuba to get medical care, and although I am sure they have universal health care it sure seemed they were overly helpful given the camera crew.
* What I thought was most interesting is how content the citizens of Canada, France, and England were with there Universal Health Care. I have talked to a few people from Canada and I know my boss at Kunzo is very content with his health care and laughed with what a pain is down here in the states
* What I thought was the most interesting or most real to life was a scene on a man who lost two fingers in an accident and had to choose which finger to keep. To me that doesn't seem right, and seems ridiculous that we have to choose something like that.
* Although Moore definitely gives you the worst of the health insurance plans, we all know that we are paying a ton of money each year on health care, whether we are sick or not, and I truly believe the health insurance goal is not to help people but to make money which is an example of capitalism not working the way it should.
* I personally believe and have believed before this movie that a Universal Health Care system would be a huge step forward for this country. We are turning to many people away, and making to many people bankrupt because they are paying for there care.

My personal feelings on this movie was that it was extremely well made and that Michael Moore knows how to make an entertaining documentary. I always feel that he goes a bit extreme on some of his takes but the fact that he remained behind the camera for most of the movie was a big change for Moore. In general the movie was a great watch, it was eye opening to how our health care system feels like something in the stone age. I don't necessarily agree with everything in this movie but given the fact that I am open to other ideas I would say that Moore does a great job of grabbing ones attention, even for a two hour documentary.

Michael Moore's Sicko

Joel S