Starter for 10 Movie Review

There are very few movies I will watch that I haven't heard of before, but today I watched a British romantic comedy that I really enjoyed. I first heard of it on Ebert and Ropert and just got a copy from HBO for Movie-Stop which isn't still going, but I will review the movie anyways right here. The movie itself has an interesting plotline that stays truer to real life then I have seen in other romantic comedies. In general I have to say the movie was predictable to the point where you know its going to end but the best part is how it gets there. The british actors and actresses are brilliant, and there accents make the movie even stronger. I think the confusion and the mistakes that are made in this movie really feel like real life issues that many people go through. In general you might have some problems finding the movie but if you have Netflix I know it is on there and I would highly reccomend putting it on your queue.

Starter for 10

Joel S