Nintendo's E3 Conference

So I am having trouble watching the Nintendo E3 conference, so that is the reason for not having a life updated E3 coverage of Nintendo's conference. I am also in class right now so it is very difficult to listen to the show and update. However here are just some thoughts from what I have seen.

- Big news was the November release of Super Mario Galaxy which continues to look amazing.
- Some new peripherals were announced from Nintendo including the Wheel and Zapper which I think the zapper looks fun but the wheel looks like a cheap toy.
- Wii Fit was one of the big announcements of the show as it looks to further the Wii's development into the household. I am not one to work out, and I think the way this game acts like Brain Age could really be a good thing for me. The pad that comes with Wii Fit actually looks like a good size and from the on stage demonstration the recognition looks pretty good. I did feel terrible when Reggie took the stage on the platform, he is a big guy, having to be on stage doing that seemed a little awkward for him.
- Another huge release of the beginning of next year (however expect delays it is Nintendo) is Mario Kart for the Wii which I think looks visually pretty stunning and comes with the cheap new wheel.

All in all my half watching of the Nintendo Conference left me with the same feeling of several Nintendo conferences of the past years. I never get all that excited by there conferences. Reggie seems like the most "real" person of the three conferences but then again not that entertaining. I did grab a domain during the conference (, maybe I will develop it? I think it might be good!
Joel S