Comments on Microsofts Conference at E3 (Live)

So I am here watching live the Microsoft conference of E3 online on Gamespot with my brother ready to see what Microsoft has to give us here at E3! So here are my thoughts going through the event

8:37pm: I am not liking this musical introduction to Halo 3, it is the same music we have heard at so many conferences before hand!

8:43pm: Harmonix shows off Rock Band, not a huge surprise to see it showing up, the game does look pretty amazing, but then again nothing all that exciting yet!

8:50pm: Microsoft always finds ways to spin the stats, I love these graphs, they are more ambiguous then anything I have ever heard. How many games from third parties hit were on the other consoles! Here is a thought, Nintendo has had several top ten titles, along with Sony. So I don't take a lot of there stats to heart.

8:56pm: The video montage of games that are coming out in the future are pretty impressive.

8:58: The new Xbox 360 controller is announced along side Scene It. I think that is very impressive! You can see Microsoft s definitely trying to get into the Wii market share, I am not sure Scene It is the way to do it, but should good!

9:02pm: So it seems as though Microsoft thinks throwing on Reggie Bush will make Madden 08 look different from 07. I want to hear whats new, not watch Reggie Bush play Madden and tear it up.

9:08pm: Xbox Live Arcade has so much potential, but unfortunately nothing is jumping out at me! Hopefully something original surprises me.

9:12pm: Disney movies coming to Xbox 360. How many gamers are going to go buy Winnie The Pooh tonight?

9:17pm: PGR4 was shown on stage and it looks as though we were watching a replay and not live action. We all know the game is going to be good, so I don't think anyone is really amazed by any of this.

9:25pm: The two Windows games Gears of War and Viva Pinata not that exciting, but at least they haven't given up on PC gaming.

9:30pm: Games for Windows montage goes live and I have to say nothing really jumped out at me!

9:35pm: Call of Duty 4 Looks so far the best game at the Microsoft Event.

9:40pm: Why are we seeing the GTA4 trailer again? We have all seen it 1000 times, show us something new!

9:43pm: Resident Evil 5 Is Announced, good stuff.

9:46: Assassins Creed maybe actually a lot more interesting then Call of Duty 4, this looks like it could be an amazing experience. Truly looks next generation.

All in all it was a pretty typical Microsoft conference, nothing major in terms of announcements. The two games that look good are Call of Duty 4 and Assassins Creed.  I have to say out of everything the only thing exciting is the Scene It announcement which could be fun. In general good conference, nothing out of the ordinary though.
Joel S