E3 Starts This Evening. Starts with Microsoft.

So today is the start to this years E3, in fact it feels like it has been a long time since last years E3 and a lot has happened since that time. The Wii has taken the market by storm, the PS3 has needed a quick price drop to try and grab more of the market share, and it seems as though the Xbox 360 has begun to fizzle out a bit over the past few months. The gaming industry in general has not been as strong as it has been in years past, and E3 is a time to see what could make that change. Tonight Microsoft has there big conference where Peter Moore is bound to speak about the great Xbox Live success rate and I am sure his amazing sales of the Xbox 360 as well. He will of course speak up more on Xbox Live Arcade which in all honesty I believe has been a major disappointment. I am interested to see more on Fable 2, Halo 3, and hopefully something original. I am sure we will see more on Call of Duty 4 which looks amazing and possibly the upcoming 2K and EA sports titles. I want Microsoft to show off something new, something original, something new to get excited about. Halo 3 will be good we all know that, but we want to see something new and original. Tonight at 8:30pm down in Santa Monica should be a good time for Microsoft and I personally am interested to see what is going to turn out from the conference. I could see it being a big disappointment, but who knows, Microsoft has surprised me before.

Peter Moore Xbox 360 Conference

Joel S