World of Joel Has Undergone a Few Changes

If you have been checking in with us here at WorldofJoel over the past few days you may have noticed a lot of downtime, some wierd advertisement websites, and some design changes. Well most of this was not planned, and in fact none of it really was what I was expecting out of the weekend. The original plan was to announce my current and future projects, but that will be on hold for a day or two more. First off for those wondering about the downtime. Our old server host (more on that in a minute) Telnap had some serious hard drive failures and were working hard to get it back up. Two days later we were finally back up, however when we were we had some extremely odd advertisement websites up which led me to believe that there was some sort of hacking. Well with some help from my good friend Matt Propst (fellow blogger), we worked hard to try and get to the bottom of the website demise. Anyways to make a long story short we got the site back up earlier this morning and I transfered it to the new host, HostMonster which hosts a lot of my new projects which will be announced soon.

You may also notice a design change, I am not one that likes change, but something about this blogs design that makes me want to continually update and tweak. This current design is one of my favorites and I have worked a bit on customizing it more for the blog. I do need to work on integrating my YPN ads into this design, however they have been doing awful as of late so I am not sure I am in a rush to do that. Anyways sometime this week I hope to be able to officially announce the newest project and lineup for the future of this blog and my web endeavors.

Joel S