Summer Movies I Am Looking Forward to Part #3

I have not always been a huge Michael Moore fan, in fact I haven't really seen a lot of his films, I did however watch Bowling for Columbine which I thought was really well done and well constructed. However he has some conflicting views, but I will honestly say that I am very open to others opinions, that makes us better people. Otherwise I have to say his upcoming movie Sicko looks brilliant, and it seems as though its a long time coming. This is a fantastic topic that needs to be brought up. Having dealt with the health care system a lot in the past year or so with my Mom and Jenn's Grandparents I am one that is 100% in favor of becoming more like a Canada or England in terms of our health care. United We Stand was the words we echoed after 9/11 and let's make it that way in terms of uniting each other to help the sick and those who need and can't afford health insurance. Can't wait to see what Moore has in store for us in this one!


Joel S