Introducing the World of Joel Podcast (Temporary Name)

Yes WorldofJoel faithfuls, the first part of our big announcement here on WorldofJoel is the introduction of the World of Joel Podcast. This is our first episode, we are entitling "Test Run" and it is going to be a trial run to see our interest in the podcast. The idea behind the podcast is to instead of focusing on such a specific topic like "Gaming" or "Movies" to instead just focus on whatever is going on around the world. I am still trying to focus down on a name for the podcast, I am thinking, The World Goes Round, but any feedback on the name or the podcast would be great. Let me know what you all think and if it seems like there is an interest in keeping the podcast going then I am 100% ready to consistently bring in a podcast for everyone's listening pleasure. Please let me know, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Click Here To Listen to the World of Joel Podcast Test Run

Joel S