Making the Big Shot When It Matters The Most

I am not a big basketball viewer, I will occasionally turn a game on and watch, and usually during the playoffs I stay informed. I do know right now that the Cleavland Cavaliers are down two games to the Detroit Pistons after two blown game winning opportunities by the man they call "The King", Lebron James. I write this post because part of me really feels for the guy, we are relatively the same age and the amount of pressure this game has faced since high school is unbelievable. At the end of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Lebron had the ball in his hands and had the chance to win the game but chose instead to pass up the ball and they ended up losing. The sports media blew up on the guy for not taking a double teamed shot and so he passed it to a wide open player. Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals the same situation with Lebron having the ball in his hands with the chance to win, this time Lebron takes the shot in triple coverage and mises, Cavs lose again. The guy has been compared to Jordan and Magic names that I truly believe are thrown around to loosely in the sports arena. Jordon, Magic, Bird, these guys were there own unique players and Lebron is his own people. I wish the media would get off this back, because without him the Cavs could have been one of the top draft picks in this year's draft.
Lebron James

Joel S