Moving to a New Server

In the process of working on revamping a lot of my own websites I have officially opened an account with a rather reasonable hosting company that should do the trick for my upcoming and current sites. From what I can see thus far I have quite a bit of confidence in them as a host and I hope to see 100% uptime from them, unlike my last hosts. I am planning to move this blog to those servers in the near future, possibly this weekend. I am a little nervous about doing it but it should be good to get on a much faster and more reliable server. I already have my brother Jake's blog ( hosted on my server space as well as some of my new TV sites that I will be working on once summer rolls around. So far I have been impressed with HostMonster's customer support who have already helped me with a few of my own questions. I'll let you know how it goes, plus I got a free domain with signup, gotta love that!

Joel S