Future Projects Unsure, Options Available

My biggest problem in developing websites is that I start with an idea, and that idea multiplies in so many different ways that the final product isn't usually what I had intended, or it is and its to complex. Thus is the problem I am having with Movie-Stop.net right now. The site itself is doing well, but I fear that the site is to complex and to many ideas and not enough follow through. My fear is that what wanted to be a "movie site" has become far to much and thus the initial idea was to broad. I am working on cutting back a bit, focusing on what I enjoy which is more the news and reviews aspect. So I am thinking of switching the site to a more "blog" style format which would leave more room for personalization and reviews. This would take out the need for movie pages for each movie and such which takes up the majority of my time working on the site.

Moving forward that is my concept and idea that I am wrestling with and one that I will be working on in the coming weeks/months. As for new projects, this should come as no secret, I love TV, and thus I have some fan site ideas that are going to be for some of the big TV shows on already and new to this fall. More information will come on that later, but I think these are the type of projects that I will start to undertake, rather then putting in the crazy man hours of more complex websites.

Joel S