A Sick Weekend

You ever have a weekend that you were just really looking forward to? Well this past weekend was one that I just could not wait for it to come, because for the first time in months I would have a free weekend to enjoy to myself without any worry of school work coming into play. Well wouldn't you know it, Saturday morning I woke up sick with a cold and it literally plagued the entire weekend. I can't say that laying around all day watching movies like Rocky V, American Dreamz, and having a good time with MLB 07 for the PS3 wasn't all bad but having to back out of a date with Jenn on Saturday night, and losing a lot of productive work hours yesterday has put me in the hole a bit. I have quite a few hardware items to review (2 Logitech Harmony Remotes, an Antec HD Enclosure, Logitech PS3 Keyboard, around 5 games, and plenty of updates to Movie-Stop which I haven't been as consistent with as I would like.

So here is to Memorial Day weekend becoming my work weekend full of projects, reviews, and homework. Hopefully I can catch a few flicks along the way! Have a great week everyone, and I should say this more often, thanks for reading.

Joel S