The Office Finale: Jim & Pam Finally

The moment we all have been waiting for has finally arrived. After watching the one hour season finale, the unthinkable has happened, Jim and Pam are dating. Now I understand how this may sound to those of you who are not huge Office followers, but ever since the first episode of The Office the friendship has been blossoming between the two co-workers into something that I would consider a privledge to watch. I have never been one to get into my TV shows to an obsessive state, but with The Office it has become just that. After watching the unforgettable kiss on last year's finale which ended up having Jim leave the Scranton branch only to come back half way through the season, everyone thought for sure the two would unite. Then came Karen, a new character at Jim's new office who end up hooking up and moving back to Scranton together.

To say the least, everyone has been rooting for the Jim and Pam hookup, and finally with about ten seconds left in the show, Jim asks Pam on a date. It was the second (behind the finale of last year's Office) best Office moment I have watched. Now only a few months until next season! Guess we will have to buy Season 3 while we wait!
Jim and Pam The Office

Joel S