Jericho Finale, Manages to Dissapoint.

We (Jenn her Dad and Myself) have spent all year since the very first episode watching Jericho on CBS every Wednesday night at 8pm Pacific. In fact we have been big enough fans of the show to have a special to-go dinner ready for the season finale. The theme going into the show was "someone is going to die", but Gerald McRaney the one viable actor on this show was killed off. The man literally ran the show, ran the town of Jericho, and had some of the best moments of the season, and yet was killed off. I am interested to see how the show manages to get along with there only reputable actor, but I have to ay the final did disappoint. Unlike the rest of the season which was in your face action packed intensity, the finale dragged with moments of the past and present that had very little impact on the climax of the show.

Will I come back for Season 2? You bet your bottom dollar we will. The show couldn't lose its three biggest fans on one poor outing. Plus who doesn't want to see what would happen to the US after a major nuclear attack.
Jericho TV Show on CBS

Joel S