The Perfect Surprise. It Doesn’t Get Any Better!

So as you all know I have a wonderful girlfriend named Jenn who I have been with for almost four years now. Well when I decided to transfer out of Cal State San Bernardino during the Fall I knew I would see a lot less of Jenn as we used to carpool down to CSUSB together. Well that did happen and due to my work/school schedule we did end up seeing each other a lot less, and even less now in the Spring. So this has been tough on both of us and I can honestly say it has been stressful. We have managed just fine its just the constant running around trying to get thirty minutes with each other which is difficult.

Well to make a long story short I was coming back from seeing Reign Over Me during one of my long gaps at UC Irvine. I was driving back to school while talking to Jenn on the cell phone. She was supposed to be busy doing birthday shopping for her dad, and she kept asking about where I was, and where I usually parked. Well anyways I park at my normal area and I was tired and wanted to lay down in the back seat where I can stretch out. I see a girl walking up to the car, not paying attention to who it was I shut my door to let her pass. Well then the girl opens the door and wouldn't you know it, it was Jenn. I don't think I have ever been that happy, it was one of the most amazing surprises I have ever had. And to top it all off she took me out to eat at one of our favorite little spots in the OC, Spaghetti Bender. It was such a memorable surprise and one that I just couldn't resist posting.

Joel S