To Give or Not to Give. That’s a Good Question!

So I don't know if I am a target or what the case is but whenever people want to beg for money they seem to always spot me out of a crowd. And you know where it happens the most? At the gas station. What is it about the gas station that always requires people to beg for money. Hey I know Gas is expensive I am buying the same gas everyone else is. The fact of the matter is I have no problem giving someone who needs money, money. However trying to figure out if someone is actually in need or if they are just going to by some booze is another question.

I am one that has always had the attitude that you have my respect until you give me reason not to. And so when people ask for money, and I happen to have cash on, I will give, and thus was the case this evening. On my way home from Jenn's I stopped by the gas station, a lady came up asked me to help her family and so I gave her a few bucks. the problem I have with this is I never feel right just giving them cash. Pastor Tom Lance at the The Grove (the church I belong to) has recommended instead of giving cash to buy the person lunch or gas. I have taken his advice on one occasion and given gas but I guess I have that fear inside of me that the person may be dangerous and you just never know what's going to happen.

So I guess I am just wondering if anyone has any feedback on this. I always think in terms of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) and I feel that is to give no matter what the circumstance. My only wish was that the people begging for money weren't so pushy. It's one of those life events that happens on many occasions and you just have to remember how lucky you are.

Joel S