Apple Support Taking It’s Time

Well as many of you I have had a big problem with my Macbook, the screen cracked pretty good and was not covered under warranty. I will post a picture of the screen later today! Anyways to make a long story short I got reimbursed for the repair by my new favorite company, American Express who has there awesome Purchase Protection Plan. I digress however and want to get into a little "mini-rant". I sent my Macbook last Friday in for repair they received it on Monday which was April 23rd and now for the whole week it has been on hold for "part order". Now my problem with this is not the time it takes for repair because the damage was pretty bad. However the fact that a "repair center" that repairs notebooks on a daily basis doesn't have the parts in house shocks me. So your telling me no one else cracks there screen? Come on now, I hope the turn around time speeds up a bit my productivity for my websites and school work has gone way down. We shall see, I will keep you up to date.

Joel S