Baseball Remembering Jackie Robinson

I actually took sometime away from my studies to watch some baseball (Dodgers vs. Padres) this was the game that one of the ball boys got smacked with a line drive in the head, pretty scary stuff. Throughout the game it was this constant reminder of the 60 year anniversary to when Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. I am no scholar on the subject but I get the feeling that when the MLB wants to promote something they go overboard. Every player was where his number (42) and at every turn the commentators would turn to another Jackie Robinson clip. I have so much respect for the man and his ability to face adversity, but come on we want to watch some baseball here. Heck when the ball boy was just brutalized by a linedrive we got a commentary from Peter Gammons on the impact on Jackie Robinson. The kid was hit with a line drive, I think that is a bit more pressing of an issue.

Don't take this like I am trying to take away from the amazing legacy and accomplishments of Jackie Robinson but when I wanted to sit down and watch a game of baseball, watching a documentary of Jackie Robinson on every turn was not what I signed up for. I would love an hour to hear about his life and contribution but not during a game!

Joel S