TV Shows I Watch

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I have not always been the biggest TV fan, in fact before a year or two ago the only shows I would watch would be Seinfeld and Friends and maybe the occasional Everybody Loves Raymond. For whatever reason I really never had those set TV shows I liked to watch every night. Well last year Jenn and I decided to start getting some TV shows that we wanted to watch and thus have a good list of shows we like to watch. So here are some of the TV shows I am currently watching.

#1) The Office:
There is not a television show on TV that is as funny as The Office. My good friend Chris told me about The Office and it being funny midway through the second season and so I decided to check it out. I watched the episode, The Dundies, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I had Jenn watch the episode after I watched it and we both loved it. Since then we have been the biggest Office fans around. Let's just say there isn't a Thursday without The Office.

#2) Heroes: Now this was a TV show I was skeptical on before it began this year. It was either going to be great or just unbelievably corny. I absolutely hated the first episode of Heroes, but after that I gave the show time and now I am hooked. "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World", I remember just getting so into that chapter of the show and now the current chapter is just amazing. Heroes is the opposite of corny, its good intense television that I am just soaking up.

#3) Jericho: When I saw the previews for this show I knew it had a good chance of being entertaining and that is exactly what Jericho is an entertaining show that has you guessing at every turn. The thing I like about this show is that it really makes you appreciate how great life is in this country and how quickly it could be gone if we are not careful. Jericho is a smart show that gets better and better every week.

#4) Grey's Anatomy: I was a huge fan last year when they had the whole Denny script going on which I thought was just a brilliant move for the show. This season has not been my favorite and a lot of the show is starting to feel a bit repetitive but it all in all it is still a big part of Jenn and My Thursday night right after The Office. Hopefully the show gets back to the basics and starts to become a more entertaining show to watch.

#5) Amazing Race All-Stars: I was never a big fan of reality shows, in fact during much of the craze I didn't really take part in Survivor and any of the other reality show. However Jenn opened my world to Amazing Race and with the Hippies a few seasons ago I have been extremely hooked to the show. This latest All-Star season seems good but it is to early to tell we will have to see if the rivalries really start to heat up.

Shows I Watch on Occasion: Beauty and the Geek (Seasons Over otherwise it would be on the list), Gilmore Girls, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Ebert and Roeper, Wheel of Fortune, Colbert Report, Jeapordy, and of course both Friends and Seinfeld re-runs.

Joel S