The Art of Art Museums. A Visit to the Orange County Art Museum

So I have probably been to many one or two art museums in my life, and those were in elementary school when I was forced to go to these sort of places. I never thought I would go to one of these art museums for pleasure. However the love of my life Jenn has a facination with art and thus my trip last weekend to the Orange County Art Museum. I wasn't sure what to expect from the art museum but here are some things I did learn while was there.

- Playing with lego's can be considered art, they had a big Lego city representing The Tale of Two Cities
- People really get into there art. There was a peice that looked like something from the old road runner cartoons and this guy sat there laughing about how brilliant it was.
- We were walking past this guys self portrait where he used some sort of weird mathematical sequencing to create the art and this lady was balling. I don't think she knew the guy, but maybe the numbers were significant. I don't know I must have missed something.
- Probably the most interesting piece was a guys portrait of his wife made from his own finger prints. Now that is what I called talent.

All in all I have to say that I am not a big art person so maybe if you like art you are pulling your hair out reading this blog post. For me I enjoyed my time at the museum but a lot of what they considered "art", I considered something else. If you get a chance I guess it's worth a look. If nothing else it was pretty relaxing and you only have the beach five minutes away.

Joel S