A Few Helpful Blogging Tips. Staying on Schedule.

I have been talking to a lot of "bloggers" lately, mainly because I want to hear others input on what you can do to make a blog a successful one. I have been "blogging" for well over four years here on WorldofJoel, I just didn't always call my site a blog. One thing that I have always noticed when looking at my traffic, and my success on the internet, can be directly linked to how well I schedule my time. Now sure you can be saying that hey there is nothing I can do about my limited time, but let me tell you, anytime that you have, whether it is ten minutes, or even a half an hour you can easily be successful on your blogging.

Here are some pretty good tips to keep yourself on track:

- Be consistent on your times. If you feel more alert in the morning then blog in the morning. If you feel like writing at night then you can probably guess when your going to blog. Pretty self explanatory.
- Don't be afraid to expiriment with different topics. I have found that if I stay on one topic to frequently then it feels like more of a chore then an enjoyable experience, and thus a lack of consistent posting.
- Stop looking at your stats. To elaborate for a second, if your looking at how many hits your getting each day that's much to frequent. It's like watching the clock turn on the last day of school, it just makes everything go slower. Plus the more time your bothering yourself with those numbers the less time your spending on your blog.
- Make friends in the blogging community. I have a few that I have made through past jobs I have worked online with, and other's that I just enjoyed there blogs and let them know so. However you do it, if you have a few minutes make a few acquaintances. It never hurts to have a few friends who can also help keep your blog in line.
- Have fun with your blog. I am sure you have heard the saying "let the money come to you". Now that doesn't mean to not educate yourself on how to best monetize your blog, but what it does mean is enjoy what you do and if you bring that to a blog people will see that and respond accordingly.

If you think I am missing anything let me know I would be more then happy to add or subtract anything on the list. I hope that helps anyone who is trying to get in blogging, or who just want a fresh perspective on keeping a consistent blog.



Joel S