Back from the Desert. Back in Action.

Well we got back last night from Indian Wells where we had a few days of fun in the sun. The tournament itself has undergone a few changes some for the good and others not so much. Whatever the case is the whole experience was a lot of fun and lets just say I got a nice deal of sun which is always a good thing. Anyways let's talk about some upcoming things that we are going to be going through here in the World of Joel.

First off I have two weeks left in my first quarter here at UCI and let me just say I have learned a lot about taking classes here at UCI and I know that this is just not one of those schools that I can just make my way through. This quarter has been the most stressful and frustrating quarters I have experienced and I am just going to go at the Spring Quarter with as much diligence and determination that I can possibly give the quarter. is continuing to go forward with more and more hits each and everyday. We have brought a new writer to the realm. He is a guy who I have worked with on past projects including my Radio Show, he is Kaleb Schwecke and will hopefully help continue to add content on the website and take us to the next level. Speaking of Movie-Stop we are continuing to go in the right direction I feel with more and more content and news that is updated daily. Any comments or recommendations would be appreciated.

Joel S