Day 1: Macbook Has Arrived

Well to my great surprise and enjoyment Apple shipped my Macbook the same day I purchased it and it arrived on my doorstep the very next day. The greatest part is, I didn't pay for overnight shipping I just went with there free shipping which was FedEx ground and it still came the next day so I am really impressed by that. So here are some of the pro's and con's of the Macbook and my impressions on the notebook. Just a quick disclaimer before I get into them. I have been a Windows user since the beginning of my computer use. I do own a Mac Mini but can't say I really ever used it as a primary device, but instead just used it as a tester to see if I wanted to go to a Mac with my next notebook.

- Design is gorgeous
- Battery life seems to be around three hours which is great
- ISight Camera is Built In and Works Very Nice
- Mac OS just feels really smooth and makes for a nice workspace
- Taking sometime to get used to not having all of my windows keyboard functions
- Trying to get my old Thunderbird e-mails onto the Mac is becoming very tricky

So far though I am really enjoying my use of the Mac. I am really glad I splurged a bit and went for the Mac. More then anything it is just a nice change of pace. I will let you all know as I continue to use the notebook how it performs.

Joel S