Goodbye Compaq Notebook! At Long Last!

Since I graduated in June of 2004 I have had one of the worst experiences with Compaq notebooks that I think anyone can imagine. My first notebook which I got as a graduation gift was sent into to service 3-4 times and I was sent two or three replacement AC adapters and finally I was sent a new refurbished more up to date Compaq exactly a year ago. Now a year after being sent a new notebook I have already sent this current notebook in twice and they told me that last time was my final repair and that I only had thirty days in order to report any problems otherwise I would be charged for repair. Now about 4-5 months after the last repair my Compaq notebook has had its last breath. It started randomly shutting down yesterday and now it has completely shut down and I am finding no way to turn it back on. So I give up, I am done, goodbye Compaq notebook it has been a terrible ride and I am thrilled to get rid of you!

Luckily I just got in a nice bonus notice from Bank of America and last weekend did my taxes and got a nice little sum coming back to me all of which is going to my brand new MacBook ($1299 version) which I bought today and shipped today and it looks like should be arriving at my house tomorrow! Thats what I call good customer service! Anyways I will give you an update tomorrow when I get my MacBook!

Joel S