Games I Want to See Made.

As many of you know I have been a member of the gaming press for well over five years reviewing most of the new games that come out and having the interview some of the greats in the industry. However that doesn't mean I am not a bit biased in the games I would like to see made and here are some of the games that I think deserve some new life, some of which have just recently been announced.

- Link Golf Game: Tiger Woods has always been great, but living in America we do know that competition helps make our choices even better and Link 2004 for the Xbox was a great golf game and ever since Microsoft dropped the sports license it has been a "Link" free world.

- Red Faction 3 (Just Announced): Although I have just heard that it was announced, when I first thought of this list this was a game that I wanted to see. The geo-technology that this game had in the first two were just absolutley incredible and made for great experiences.

- Top Spin 3: Although it was not that long ago we saw Top Spin 2 on the Xbox 360 I want to see another game that has a much deeper Career mode. Both of the first two games are just incredible and a third would hopefully continue that.

- New Football from 2K: All-Pro Football 2K8 has been announced finally by 2K Sports and once again when I thought up the idea for this post it was well before this announcement as well. It should be interesting to see how the years off for the developers will do for the game without an NFL License.

- 2K Sports to create there own Boxing Game to compete with Fight Night. Maybe think about creating a more versatile and long lasting career mode?

- James Bond back in his original glory. With the extreme success of Casino Royale there is no reason why Activision who now holds the 007 rights can't make a great 007 game.

Joel S