Goals for Movie-Stop.net Over the Next 6-8 Months

So we are a few weeks into the launch of Movie-Stop.net and already we are making great strides forward. First off over half of our 25+ visitors a day are coming from Google which is a good thing, and that is without really any optimization of search engine submission. Secondly our updates have been as consistent as possible with news everyday and reviews coming in every other day. I do want to start getting more "in theater" reviews however the cost of going to see movies these days doesn't warrant it as easily. Some goals however for the site are as follows:

- Create Some RSS Feeds for the News, Reviews, and Coming Soon
- Message boards would help with bringing more of a community feel
- Update design to make a bit more flashy and interactive, the current design I am happy with but could use some spicing up.
- Hire one more writer
- Start to contact movie Public Relations contacts and start receiving movies for review
- Have a few Giveaways
- Increase unique visitors to the triple digits by May 2007.
- Continue to upgrade the CMS with more options and better unification.
- Start doing some advertising on various websites.
- Get my first check from Google!
If you have any recommendations on the website please let me know as all help would be greatly appreciated!

Joel S