The Ups and Downs of College Life

Well I am currently in Week 5 or 6 of my first quarter here at UC Irvine and let me say this has been one of the most up and down rides of my life. Looking back on the past few weeks I have had some great success and some utter let downs. I guess this being my first quarter there I feel like I have something to prove to all those who said I couldn't do it, or that I shouldn't do it, and even myself. Going to UC Irvine has been so different in many ways. First off Jenn and I see each other even less now because after school I go to work and by the time I get home we have maybe an hour or two together and then I am back to the grind the next morning. UC Irvine has proven to be a difficult challenge in someways more then I expected.

This week and the previous have been Mid Term weeks and that means I have been hitting the books harder then I ever have before. I spent two whole days just beating myself up with Economics information and just felt like I couldn't study any more. This weekend I have been going over Calculus and just feel utterly petrified about what this midterm could possibly do to my grades as I just don't feel as prepared as I should. I guess the bottom line is I feel overwhelmed, to the point where at times I just feel like giving up. Luckily I know that, that's not who I am nor is that something I plan on doing, its just the amount of stress that has gone into this first quarter makes me even more excited for the day I graduate.

Joel S