Make Sure You Know What You Order

Ok so Jenn and I go out to lunch together every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during our day at school. We usually hit In & Out, Del Taco, Burger King, and the like. But I have to be honest I am getting so sick of fast food its not even funny. With that being said I decided, you know what I haven't been feeling good, Jenn hasn't been feeling good, lets go out and get something good to eat. So we went to the Corner Bakery out here in Irvine (could be considered Tustin) which is basically a sandwich and salad place and they have some pasta's as well. So the place was packed (big business hangout) and my voice is barely there, but I had Jenn get a table and I went to order. I was feeling a Turkey Sandwich which sounded good on a bit of a warm day, and so I get up to order. I wasn't really paying attention and when I got up to order I rolled off Jenn's pasta order and I scrambled to look for a turkey sandwich. I saw the Turkey Harvest (not thinking at all ) I saw turkey and then I saw mustard and decided that sounded good, not reading the rest of the description. So I get back to my seat and meet up with Jenn and then I see on the table an ad for this new sandwich and it looks nothing like I thought. The sandwich comes out and it's got a whole wheat bread with raisins in it (I don't like Raisins) and in the sandwich was apple-cranberry chutney, and I have to say it was the worst thing I could ever have ordered. I wish I would have paid any attention and not just saw turkey because I barely touched the sandwich. Jenn was nice enough to share her meal, but it was one of those things that you don't pay attention, you have a lot on your mind, and you just totally mess up your order. It must be one of those days! 
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