My Worst Fantasy Football Start, Ever

So I really felt pretty good about my Fantasy Football team this year. I had three great running backs, a good QB, and some decent WR's. Well I am finding out very quick that my three decent WR's are amounting to nothing and really bringing back my team. I not only am 0-4 this season, but I am also the lowest scoring team and now am just desperate for a win. You know who really has disappointed me this year, The Saints. I picked up Colston as my stud receiver and he hasn't amounted to anything. The other guy who has been hit or miss is McNabb who had a great week two weeks ago but did nothing this past week. Vernon Davis the TE for the Niners is hurt, again, and so I am left with a bad TE as well.

My first pick, Frank Gore has been decent but then again not worth a first round pick either. I don't know if things will ever turn around for my team!

Frank Gore on 49ers

Joel S