What a Week This Was

Let me just say I hate when I start to get on a role with my blog and everything seems to be going well and then I get sick, and everything kind of falls back out of place. So I went to the Genesis concert last Saturday, and it was actually a lot of fun. We went down to the Hollywood Bowl (long drive) and had a good time. Well anyways I got back at like 3am on Sunday and had to do a massive study session for one of my classes which had a Midterm Monday morning. So I knew I wasn't going to post on Monday, but then Tuesday rolled around and I was sicker then a dog. It is now Friday and I really have been off and on all week, some days have been worse then others, today being one of the more down days.

As many of you know I review video games and I have been getting a ton of packages this week with new games to review and being sick doesn't make it easy to review all this stuff. It's tough but I guess someone has to do it. Anyways there is my excuse for not being on the blog for the week, I will be back in full force on Monday. Have a good weekend everyone!
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