Trial Run Complete…The Real Deal Begins…

So this morning at approximately 8:30 Jenn and I drove down to Irvine to pick up my books and make a test run on the Train. So the test is now done and I got my books and I am ready for my first quarter at UCI. The train ride home was really nice and from Tustin to Riverside is less then an hour. The test will be getting from UCI to the train station in time for my train ride home to go to work on Monday Wednesdays and Friday. Jenn was a real trooper going down there with me and plans to wake up at 5 tomorrow to make my 630 train! Thanks Jenn and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Well with that being said I am a bit stressed about going to UCI, it seems like it will be a bit more difficult. This is a new path, a new journey, and I am ready for it. Please pray for me as I go on this new college experience.
UC Irvine

Joel S