Does age really matter? The Wii Sure Doesn’t Think So!

As you can see I am really trying to post more. I look back on my old website and saw how nice it is to read back on past memories or thoughts of the day. I write today once again about the Nintendo Wii. The reason for this is that I am constantly reminded that Nintendo has really got something up there sleeves with this one. I received my Wii at launch and since then I have seen my parents who hate games playing the system, I have seen my close to 90 year old great grandma playing the Wii. I have seen countless others who normally would not even dare to pick up a system.
Not to sound to much like a fan boy I should mention that although Wii Sports was a great start for Nintendo I just hope they do not try and rest on there early success. Sure a new Mario would be great but we need more of these simple yet addicting games to continue making this a console not only for the gamer but for anyone who just wants to have some fun.
Nintendo Wii

Joel S