Times of Change, Times of Choices, When is there time?

I like that title, it really does symbolize a lot of things that are going on right now in my life. It is still an adjustment going to UCI without Jenn, and as much as I want her to go with me next year I know thats going to be her decision and I know I need to support her through everything. I have some new ideas some new goals that I am thinking about and/or currently pursuing.

I have a new Movie Website I am hard at work at and am having my brother come along and partner up with me which should take a bit of the load off my shoulders and eventually hopefully he can take it over. I am also looking at some other areas to pursue but I will talk more about that when it gets closer and more prevalent.
Having a blog does seem to mean that you are pretty much one to read other people's blogs as well. A common trend I have noticed is the different views on a blog. Some see it as a business, example John Chow who is known for be extremely successful and one of the most well known bloggers out there. For myself I am not expecting a million hits a day, but just hoping for an average following who has an interest in what I have to say. To give you an idea I make right now about $1-2 a month in ad's revenue on this website. However today I did receive close to a $1 alone. Is the word getting out about World of Joel?
School is in full swing now, work is going like usual, and Jenn and I are as good as ever. The year has begun and I just don't feel ready for the year. But I guess the world isn't going to wait around, so I guess I just need to keep up!

Joel S