It’s been a Playstation 3 Weekend!!

On Friday I got home from Jenn's a bit early to the amazing surprise that Sony had finally sent me my Playstation 3 review unit. As many of you know I have been reviewing games for about six years now and Sony has been one of my biggest supporters. Sony has been struggling with there shipments of units and thus the delay in me getting my unit. Well finally I got my unit and that has been a big part of my weekend. I have to say that although there are some things that I would have liked changed with the PS3 like a more unified online service. With that being said I have to say that the games have been really entertaining. The games I have been playing are:
- NBA 07
- Fight Night Round 3
- Resistance Fall of Man
- Gran Turismo HD Free Demo
- Motorstorm Demo
PS3 Box

Joel S