A Reminder from Above…

As many of you know I work for Bank of America and have been for almost a year now. I am now a senior teller and have helped my fair share of customers. I have my regulars and those who know me and that is all well and good, but nothing has touched me and changed me in the way that one older woman did today. So today started like every other Friday, busy. So we as tellers try to keep the line moving as quickly as possible. Well during this long line of customers I see an elderly woman who looks like she might have something wrong with her, or maybe it was just a nervous tick. Luck may have it that I would have this customer. However what I didn't know was what to expect from this transaction.

She came up to the window like every other person would however I noticed that this was not just a nervous twitch and later I found out she has Parkinson's disease. This women came up to the window looking quite broken and distraught. She asked if I would write out a check for her, for her Credit Card payment and of course I accepted and did the payment for her. We got to talking while this was going on and discussed her birthday which was yesterday which I mentioned was my sister Ally's birthday as well. This really got us talking about how her day was and what she got to do on her birthday. She asked me if I could do her another favor which I accepted and it was to help her with her check register to fill out some of the recent purchases which I did.

And then she stopped when everything was done, and said "sometimes I just want to cry". She went on to say that she was really struggling with her Parkinsan's that day and that I had made her day, that I was an angel, and that I had been very blessed. She left with a few tears of happiness and myself extremely choked up.

I tell you this story not to brag about my actions as I believe anyone would have done this had she asked them. However I write this because I want to remind not only myself but everyone that simple acts of kindness that can take ten seconds may seem meaningless to some however to others it could mean the world. This women who was one of hundreds of customers today deeply moved me and I just praise the Lord for that life lesson and I pray I always remember to treat everyone the way I would want to be treated.

Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life. Proverbs 19:20 NLT

Joel S