Classes Have Begun..

The alarm sounded at 6:00am this morning waking me up for my first day of school which I am actually sitting in my second class (Race and Racism) as I write this watching The Color of Fear a movie I have already seen a year or two ago in my Ethnic Studies class. The movie is just a roundtable discussion of eight older men arguing about racism. I already got through Calculus which was an intense first class. Anyways this is going to be a long 90 minute flick. My only hope is that today goes quick as 8-6 is just a long daym especially when there is no break! God Bless You All!

Update #1(11:10am Pacific): I have deicided to leave class early as it seems pointless to watch the same movie over again, plus I am hungry. Hopefully Jenn gets out soon so we can grab a bite to eat! We shall see, more updates later!

Update #2 (2:00pm Pacific): So I am now in Perspectives on Gender which is right after my Noon class of Business Law. Jenn ended up showing up a bit early so we got to split a Pizza, which hit the spot. Business Law seems interesting, but it has participation which is not my favorite. The topics sound good and the course load seems to be really intense. So onto Perspectives on Gender which seems like interesting ideas, but the class is of course Perspectives on Gender, enough said?

Joel S