Click (Movie Review)


So I had the chance to go see a movie with Jenn and my Brother Jake today, and it was the new comedy/drama with Adam Sandler, Click. The idea of the movie sounds like a sure fire comedy which for the first half of the movie is true. But following what seems to be a typical Sandler comedy comes a much more thought provoking and intellectual movie that touches on real life issues. The idea of working your life away is one that I feel to be a very prevalent in today's society and I think it is important for movies to touch on topics like this. Sandler did a great job on the serious parts of the movie, but some of the humor seems misplaced and even at times misguided. I really liked the underlying message of Click but felt the movie to sway too much in the middle of comedy and drama. For those looking for an enjoyable movie then Click may be a good choice, but doesn’t be surprised if you shed a few tears as well.

Score: 8.0/10
Joel S