Rocky Balboa (Movie Review)

It has been a long time since the Italian Stallion walked through the ropes, in fact Rocky hasn't seen the inside of a ring since Rocky IV back in 1985. But Sly is back at again in the last chapter in the epic Rocky franchise entitled Rocky Balboa.

Going into this movie I have to admit I was as pumped to see this movie as physically possible. I am a big fan of the series in general and couldn't wait to see Rocky hit the ring one last time. Obviously Sly isn't as young as he once was but the movie manages to use his age to his advantage bringing one of the most inspired films the series has seen since the original. Rocky once again finds himself at the lowest of lows and you get the experience his dedication and determination in action as he faces all odds in his last fight against Mason "The Line" Dixon the reigning heavy weight champion.

Rocky Balboa's sole purpose as a movie is to give a proper closure to what is one of the most beloved movie franchise of all time. And Sylvester Stallone nails it dead on with a movie that goes back to the basics and does what a Rocky movie should do, it inspires. Rocky Balboa starts off a bit slow but at the end the theater will be thundering with applause and you will remember exactly why Rocky is so loved. If there is one movie this holiday season that is going to motivate those in rough times Rocky Balboa is the one to see. Not only as a fan of the franchise but an avid movie goer I have to say that Rocky Balboa redeems the franchise by closing the series the way the Italian Stallion would have wanted it.

Score: 10/10

Rocky Balboa

Joel S